Press Clipping
Record Reviews - June 2016


Fela Kuti is certainly known as an African legend, as his Nigerian afrobeat set a course for many musicians around the world. One of them was his son Femi who has now been active for 30 years (where has the time gone). I am less familiar with his music, but since he first played in his father’s band, I am sure many of the core traits will be there. He clearly has a fiery lyrical approach and a high energized beat to support the vocal lines. The guitars and brass are bright and quick to the note. You have to look hard to find anything not to like here. So if not to your taste, it could easily hit you in the right mood; and I like a good blast of this style of music from time to time.

You can see Femi Kuti live at the 9:30 Club on Friday, July 29th.

Songs to start with:

Nothing to Show for it - Lively opener, which is the way that openers should go.

No Work No Job No Money - Spritely rhythm, lots of space for the strong vocals, interesting sounds.

Wy Our Money - A snappy funky number that will get everybody moving.