Press Clipping
Femi Kuti: No Place For My Dream (Knitting Factory Records)

Femi Kuti has learned much
from his father Fela Kuti, the
founding father of Afrobeat,
enough to be the chosen
successor his father wished
him to be. Delivering his own
sound, Femi has managed
to defy local authorities and
his upbringing to break free
musically and speak truth
to power. Femi has created a
balance to his father’s ideas of
music and political thoughts,
with a commitment to his own
work. There’s no hesitance in
his sound that features blaring,
well-timed horns on eleven cuts
that make statements. Check
out the initial cut “Nothing To
Show For It.” The fast-paced
tempo continues throughout
Femi’s menu of politically
penned songs, including “The
World Is Changing,” the intense
title track, “No Place For My
Dream,” the percussion gem
“Action Time,” and the smack of
government corruption on “No
Work, No Job, No Money.” Femi
addresses the empty promises
of politicians via “Carry On
Pushing On,” and the blistering
“Politics Na Big Business,” as
he holds nothing back with
his messages. He continues
with the woes of “Na So We
See Am,” the abandonment of
support with “One Man Show,”
the government’s method of
taking their money on “Wey Our
Money,” and the instrumental,
explosive, fi nal track “This Is
Only the Beginning.” If his music
has peaked your curiosity, mark
your calendar for July 26th,
when Femi will make a stop at
Boston’s Brighton Music Hall,
158 Brighton Ave., Allston, MA.